Book reviews

“In addition to many entertaining details, the book shows us the tragic consequences of the lack of effective media work. Just take a look at the case of the former Pro-Sieben (private German TV channel) moderator Andreas Türck. He was legally cleared of all rape allegations, but since then has only been seen working behind the camera. The book is definitely worth a read and can serve press speakers, PR people, and lawyers as an excellent source of reference.”
Hendrick Wieduwilt, quoted in: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, January 26, 2009


“This book is well written and has depth, and is filled with the two author’s expertise in PR and legal issues. In over 17 chapters, on the basis of various current cases and interviews, they describe the many aspects of the interaction between the law and the press. We learn how PR can, in a more or less subtle way, influence the official search for the truth by creating symbolic truths with the help of the media. This is a great achievement that breaks taboos, making this book worth reading and discussing.”
Neue Juristische Wochenzeitschrift


“So far, nobody has as clearly illuminated the work in this field. The two author’s exceptional knowledge of the business and their involvement in pivotal past and current cases has to be acknowledged. And they sure as hell know the weak spots of the media. And the findings of their analyses of professional journals are immense – especially the journals from the USA, where this business has naturally already come a long way.”
F.A.Z. editor Dr. Joachim Jahn,
quoted in ANWALTSBLATT 3/2009


“Interesting not only for the ‘usual suspects’, but also for all who – together with their companies – are in the public eye.”
medien aktuell,
December 2008