What is the meaning of “NAÏMA”?

For over a decade, Uwe Wolff, the founder of NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services, lived in New York City, “The Big Apple”, also known as the most important place for jazz improvisation. He is a huge fan of the legendary jazz sax player John Coltrane (johncoltrane.com) whose first wife’s name was Naïma Grubbs. Coltrane wrote the wonderful […]

Toxic bank products in public treasuries

A German bank sells controversial and high-risk structured products to municipalities, municipal utilities and SMEs. As a result, many suffer great losses. However, the financial institution simply shrugs and claims to have sufficiently informed the clients of the risks involved. The municipalities and the SMEs feel cheated and sue the bank(s).   How we took […]

In the Name of the Public Opinion

  Stephan Holzinger and Uwe Wolff “In the Name of the Public Opinion – Litigation PR as a Strategic Instrument in Legal Disputes” 259 pages Euro 44,90 Order at: www.gabler.de www.amazon.de The first book on the topic of litigation PR. Daimler, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, the accused top managers in the Mannesmann case and the Deutsche […]

The media about us

“Uwe Wolff, a star of strategic communications during court cases ….” Intelligence Online   “Mr. Wolff could be called the pioneer of this service here in Germany.” Public Relations, April 2008   “A market niche into which Mr. Wolff – who sees himself as a pioneer in this country – entered in 2002 with the […]


Shortly, we will be offering two newsletters: Lawyers and the Media, a monthly newsletter dealing with different aspects of PR for lawyers. Price: € 10.– per month Litigation-PR, a monthly newsletter dealing with strategic means of communication during legal proceedings. With high profile interview partners, contributions by experts, and the latest news.  Price: € 25.– per month If […]

Seminars, events, talks

You can book us for seminars, talks, and in-house trainings. We regularly give presentations for lawyers, politicians, labor unions, and pressure groups. We furthermore offer seminars and in-house presentations for law firms and the management of companies. If you are interested in special arrangement, please send us a mail and we will contact you.

Book reviews

“In addition to many entertaining details, the book shows us the tragic consequences of the lack of effective media work. Just take a look at the case of the former Pro-Sieben (private German TV channel) moderator Andreas Türck. He was legally cleared of all rape allegations, but since then has only been seen working behind […]