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CLCA International Summit 2019 – Hottest Trend: Climate Change related Class Actions

Amsterdam this year. A city that stands for cosmopolitanism and internationality. An excellent background for the annual meeting of the world’s leading agencies in the field of litigation and legal PR, the CLC-Alliance (CLCA). NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services GmbH was representative for Germany at the 10th annual meeting of the international network. Every year the representatives of the agencies talk about the general development in different legal fields. This year the topic of class action lawsuits was dominating. Various experts presented their findings, which were lively discussed with the communicators. Very fascinating: Climate Change related Class Actions. We see worldwide growth in climate-related litigation (not only against governments, but now also against investors, companies and insurers) and private-sector litigation.

Some discussion points of the annual meeting of the CLC-Alliance:

– English speaking commercial courts in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris will deal with international issues in the future.

– Some companies are looking for litigation to achieve their strategic and economic goals, not just to resolve conflicts, but as a strategic/tactical means.

– In the US, there are now professional plaintiffs who buy a product or engage in an activity just so that they can actively participate in litigation.

– The increasingly widespread role of litigation funders in different jurisdictions and how this may or may not affect PR aspects.

– Where class actions are increasing and what PR lessons can be learned from other jurisdictions.

– Why an international network like the CLC-Alliance is so important for transnational disputes: Cultural differences influence the attitude towards Litigation PR – in Asia, for example, there may be greater reluctance to conduct TV-interviews than, for example, in the USA. This should be considered as a cultural issue.

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