Toxic bank products in public treasuries

A German bank sells controversial and high-risk structured products to municipalities, municipal utilities and SMEs. As a result, many suffer great losses. However, the financial institution simply shrugs and claims to have sufficiently informed the clients of the risks involved. The municipalities and the SMEs feel cheated and sue the bank(s).   How we took […]

A foe within the company

An internationally operating auto parts supplier is attacked and denounced in the media by a Southeast European business partner and his company. The reason for the attack was a dispute between the two business partners over the future orientation of their joint company. Accusation of the business partner: Allegedly the German company wanted to systematically ruin […]

What is Litigation PR?

Litigation PR is a highly specialized field of public relations which has its origins in the USA. Litigation PR was developed based on the finding that during legal disputes traditional PR techniques – including crisis communication – weren’t providing the desired results, least of all in today’s media driven world. In short, litigation PR can […]

Who we are

Beginnings: NAIMA Strategic Legal Services was founded in 1999 in New York as NAIMA Media Services & Publishing Consulting. Since 2002 the firm has operated from Berlin in various countries in Europe and North America. NAIMA Media Services & Publishing Consulting (today NAIMA Strategic Legal Services) was the first consultancy firm in Germany that specialised […]

In the Name of the Public Opinion

  Stephan Holzinger and Uwe Wolff “In the Name of the Public Opinion – Litigation PR as a Strategic Instrument in Legal Disputes” 259 pages Euro 44,90 Order at: The first book on the topic of litigation PR. Daimler, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, the accused top managers in the Mannesmann case and the Deutsche […]

What the media say about us

“Mr. Wolff could be called the pioneer of this service here in Germany.” Public Relations, April 2008   “A market niche into which Mr. Wolff – who sees himself as a pioneer in this country – entered in 2002 with the founding of NMSPC. His emphasis is on commercial criminal law, environmental protection law and […]

Litigation PR in Criminal and Civil Law

Litigation PR must take into consideration the characteristics and differences of criminal and civil law. In criminal law, effective strategic legal communication can help to exonerate the client and thus defend the client against the prosecutors. In civil law, effective litigation PR can help to ward off or win existing claims. Be it in the […]


Shortly, we will be offering two newsletters: Lawyers and the Media, a monthly newsletter dealing with different aspects of PR for lawyers. Price: € 10.– per month Litigation-PR, a monthly newsletter dealing with strategic means of communication during legal proceedings. With high profile interview partners, contributions by experts, and the latest news.  Price: € 25.– per month If […]

Seminars, events, talks

You can book us for seminars, talks, and in-house trainings. We regularly give presentations for lawyers, politicians, labor unions, and pressure groups. We furthermore offer seminars and in-house presentations for law firms and the management of companies. If you are interested in special arrangement, please send us a mail and we will contact you.