(DE) The Staged Thunderstorm: Shareholder Activism as an Example of Campaign PR

I’m proud to announce that I will lead a workshop at the International Litigation-PR Conference 2019 in Winterthur (Switzerland). Together with my colleague Martin Jenewein, Senior Partner at SMJ Partners in Vienna.http://www.smj.at About the workshop: The mechanisms of media logic are now not only used cleverly by bloggers and influencers. Investors, (minority) shareholders, capital market […]

What does NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services do?

NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services is a highly specialized communications agency with core competency in litigation PR. We develop complex communication strategies for companies, NGOs, associations, and their top representatives, as well as for prominent figures in business, politics and entertainment, who are dealing with legal problems. These strategies are developed in close cooperation with our […]