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Uwe Wolff in Forbes about Dieselgate and Jones Day Raid

In connection with the investigation of Dieselgate, German authorities raided the offices of Jones Day in Munich. Jones Day is the global law firm hired by Volkswagen in 2015 to conduct a internal investigation and provide authorities in Europe and the United States with independent findings.
Jones Day and Volkswagen dismissed the raid as a product of an overeager prosecution and fought it noisily in court and in public. But was this the proper communication strategy? Is Volkswagen already in a position to paint itself as a victim of an overeager prosecution?



Richard Levick, columnist for Forbes and one of the most distinctive Crisis and Litigation Communicators in the United States asked Uwe Wolff of NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services GmbH (Berlin) about his opinion. Read here what he has to say about a communication strategy driven by lawyers.