The media about us

“Uwe Wolff, a star of strategic communications during court cases ….”
Intelligence Online


“Mr. Wolff could be called the pioneer of this service here in Germany.”
Public Relations, April 2008


“A market niche into which Mr. Wolff – who sees himself as a pioneer in this country – entered in 2002 with the founding of NMSPC. His emphasis is on commercial criminal law, environmental protection law and product liability lawsuits. Consumer advocates, labor unions and NGOs are among his clients, and banks and insurances are his ‘favorite enemies’.”
pr-magazine, October 2008


“Their exceptional knowledge of the business and their involvement in pivotal cases has to be acknowledged. And they sure as hell know the weak spots of the media.”
F.A.Z editor Dr. Jochen Jahn in ANWALTSBLATT magazine, 3/2009


“The cooperation of jurisprudence and the media surrounding the Balli-Klöckner fusion criminal case could set a precedent (JUVE 02/04). Together with the journalist Uwe Wolff (NMSPC), the German-American lawyer Dr. Christoph Rückel (Bridgehouse Rückel & Bolthausen) was able to free – successfully, but not without controversy – the manager of Bally who had been detained for months.”
JUVE Rechtsmarkt, May 2004


“Yes, though somewhat against my nature, in this case I do indeed have to give praise: Yesterday I witnessed a remarkable PR achievement – and this even though it was related to a very dry subject. Two business communicators were standing there handing out well prepared folders with all the essentials – old articles, time lines, the arguments of the defendants. And for this I praise Uwe Wolff of NAÏMA. His focus, which shall be mentioned here, is on litigation PR, or, as we people from the “Niederrhein” would say: PR for legal disputes. A market niche that I as a journalist would say indeed needed to be filled.”
Thomas Knüwer, Handelsblatt, November 24, 2005