A foe within the company

An internationally operating auto parts supplier is attacked and denounced in the media by a Southeast European business partner and his company.

The reason for the attack was a dispute between the two business partners over the future orientation of their joint company. Accusation of the business partner: Allegedly the German company wanted to systematically ruin the factories in Southeast Europe, thus threatening the employees with unemployment.

The mood on the ground was explosive. The attacks in the media were already having negative affects on the German auto parts supplier’s planned acquisition in the neighboring country, close to the common border. There was the threat of a legal dispute and a first lawsuit had been filed.


How we took action:

After a thorough analysis of the media environment and the political players in the Southeast European region, NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services launched a targeted information campaign involving the media as well as labor union representatives.

The explosive mood in the factories and in local politics calmed down and the German auto parts supplier was seen as the rescuer, while his rival suddenly got the blame.

The aggressive business partner was forced into the defensive; his accusations were proved unfounded and hypercritical. In the end he had no other chance than to give in during the negotiations concerning the sale of his shares to his business partner.