In the Name of the Public Opinion


Stephan Holzinger and Uwe Wolff
“In the Name of the Public Opinion –
Litigation PR as a Strategic Instrument in Legal Disputes”

259 pages
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The first book on the topic of litigation PR. Daimler, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, the accused top managers in the Mannesmann case and the Deutsche Bank – just to name a few high profile enterprises and managers recently involved in legal proceedings. Business lawsuits have been receiving more and more attention from the media. As a result, companies and economic leaders become increasingly vulnerable. This is why companies in the USA have long been using an effective tool to win over public opinion: litigation PR, strategic communication for legal disputes.

For the first time in the German-speaking world, Stephan Holzinger and Uwe Wolff, both seasoned experts of legal communication, give insights into the background, possible applications, and perspectives of litigation PR. Judges, prosecutors, law professors, lawyers, and media personalities also are given room to share their views. Read exciting interviews with, among others, judge Brigitte Koppenhöfer of the Mannesmann trial and editor-in-chief of FOCUS magazine Helmut Markwort. An insightful ‘must read’ for media and legal experts of large and medium-sized companies.

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