1. Liability for contents

The contents of this website were prepared with utmost care. The service provider cannot, however, guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and topicality of the contents. The use of the contents of this website ensues at the user’s own risk. Contributions signed by name represent the opinion of the respective author and not necessarily the opinion of the service provider.
Through the mere use of the service provider’s website no contractual relationship is established between the website user and the service provider.

2. Liability for links

This website contains links to third-party websites (“external links”). Responsibility for the contents of the linked pages is always held by the respective website operator. At the time of the link creation, the contents of the linked pages were scrutinized by the service provider for possible violations. At that time, illegal contents were not noticeable. The service provider neither has influence on the current and future structure and design of the linked pages, nor on its contents. Placing external links does not mean that the service provider appropriates or claims the contents accessible through the link. Constant control by the service provider of the external links is not justifiable without concrete evidence of a violation. Should violations become known, such external links will be immediately removed.

3. Copyright

The contents published on this website are subject to the German law of industrial property and copyright protection. Every usage that is considered unauthorized according to the German law of industrial property and copyright protection requires the prior written permission of the service provider or respective holder of rights. This pertains in particular to copying, editing, translating, saving, processing or rendering contents in databases or other electronic media or systems. Contents and rights of third parties are clearly marked as such.
The unauthorized reproduction and distribution of individual contents or entire pages is prohibited and illegal. Solely making copies and downloads for the exclusively personal, private and noncommercial use is permitted.

Displaying this website in external frames is only permitted after obtaining a written permission to do so.

4. Data protection

When visiting the service provider’s website, information concerning website access (date, time, viewed pages) can be saved. These data do pertain to personal data, but rather are anonymized. They are analyzed exclusively for statistical purposes. The data will not be passed on to third parties, neither for commercial nor for noncommercial purposes.

The service provider specifically points out that data transmission in the Internet (e.g. when communicating via email) can have security gaps. An unbroken protection from third party access to the data is not possible.

Using the contact data provided in the “Impressum” for unsolicited commercial advertisement is not wanted, except if the service provider has given prior written consent, or a business relationship already exists. The service provider and all persons mentioned on this website hereby guarantee no commercial use or circulation of your data.

5. Special terms of use

Insofar as special terms for individual use of this website differ from the above mentioned numbers 1. to 4., this is expressly indicated at the respective point. In this case special terms of use apply in the respective individual case.