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Swiss agency CPC youngest member the International Network for Crisis and Litigation PR (CLCA)

Swiss agency CPC youngest member the International Network for Crisis and Litigation PR (CLCA)” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>


Die Crisis and Litigation Communicators´ Alliance (CLCA) ist ein globales Netzwerk von inhabergeführten PR-Beratungsunternehmen, die in ihren jeweiligen Märkten führend in den Bereichen Krisenmanagement und strategische Rechtskommunikation sind. Die Mandanten können von der Zusammenarbeit der Mitglieder bei grenzüberschreitenden Angelegenheiten und der besonderen Expertise der CLCA in internationalen Streitigkeiten (insbesondere Wettbewerbs- und Kartellsachen, Cross-Border Litigation, Class Actions, Regulatory Enforcement Cases, Fraud and EmThe Crisis and Litigation Communicators´ Alliance (CLCA), a global network of international litigation PR specialists, continues to grow. NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services GmbH welcomes the new member firm to our network – the renowned Swiss agency Cabinet Privé de Conseils (CPC) based in Geneva and Bern.

Philippe Eberhard, founder and CEO of CPC, sees a clear benefit for the clients in the membership in CLCA and the expertise of the network: “Since the foundation of our agency in 2004, we have gained extensive experience in the areas of litigation and crisis PR. We want to share our knowledge – especially in the Swiss market – with specialized partner agencies abroad. Switzerland is a global economic hub with a strong international orientation. We see considerable benefits for our clients in our membership of CLCA, especially as we can call on internationally recognized litigation and crisis PR specialists if required.”

Martin Jenewein of Schneider | Minar | Jenewein Consulting and Chairman of CLCA comments: “With our new member CPC based in Geneva and Berne, we have not only added a leading Swiss litigation PR specialist to our network, but have also optimally covered the French and German-speaking regions of Switzerland. This has the dual benefit of supporting international companies with interests throughout Switzerland and supporting CPC’s existing clients in their transnational presence.”

Uwe Wolff, founder and CEO of NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services GmbH (Berlin/Brussels), is pleased about the recent growth of CLCA: “With CPC we have a partner who supports us in the important Swiss market. The increasing number of cross-border cases, especially in the area of D/A/CH, requires competent and experienced local players. CPC has shown what it can do in the field of litigation PR. We are very much looking forward to the cooperation”.


About CLCA

The Crisis and Litigation Communicators´ Alliance (CLCA) is a global network of owner-managed PR consulting firms that are leaders in crisis management and strategic legal communications in their respective markets. Clients can benefit from the members’ cooperation in cross-border matters and CLCA’s particular expertise in international disputes (in particular competition and antitrust cases, cross-border litigation, class actions, regulatory enforcement cases, fraud and employment related disputes)