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Our New CLCA-Partner: Baikal Communications Group From Russia

Baikal Communications Group from Russia has joined us as the new member of CLCA

The Crisis and Litigation Communicators’ Alliance (CLCA), an international network of leading Litigation and Crisis PR agencies from across Australia, Europe, the United States, East and Southeast Asia continues its growth and is delighted to announce its newest member – Baikal Communications Group from the Russian Federation. Uwe Wolff, CEO of NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services GmbH in Berlin: “I am very pleased that Baikal Communication Group has joined our network. There are countless economic, political and cultural connections between Germany and Russia. Through Baikal Communications Group we now have the opportunity to represent our clients in Russia as well and provide them access to decision-makers in politics and business.”

Eduard Voytenko, CEO and Managing Director of Baikal Communications Group. “We are extremely thrilled and deeply enthusiastic about the collaborative prospects with NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services GmbH within the framework of the CLCA. It is an unquestionable fact that Germany and the Russian Federation currently enjoy the versatile bilateral multisectoral relations with engagement of public sector, business structures and scientific community. We would be very glad to provide the high-quality professional assistance to our partners from Germany in different areas of our expertise, ranging from Government Relations, Lobbying to Litigation PR and Crisis Communications. Looking forward to future fruitful cooperation”.

Since its initial establishment Baikal Communications Group in 2015 has accumulated substantial professional competences in the domain of crisis & litigation PR through both the diligent and meticulous implementation of complex lobbying campaigns on behalf of clients as well as the reliable assistance in dealing with the isolated crisis challenges in the media and political space.

Elaborating further on the specificity of the Russian market Mr. Voytenko clarified that “Russia is a country where the successful business development requires the special understanding of how the public authorities of the Russian Federation, specific rules of information space as well as the expert community are working in unison”.

“Amid global economic turbulence, we the members of the CLCA are thrilled to have found such a strong partner company who is a champion in their market as a new member. We are delighted to welcome Baikal Communications Group and we look forward to starting a close partnership together”, noted Martin Jenewein from SMJ Partners Consulting and Chairman of the CLCA.