What is the meaning of “NAÏMA”?

For over a decade, Uwe Wolff, the founder of NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services, lived in New York City, “The Big Apple”, also known as the most important place for jazz improvisation.

He is a huge fan of the legendary jazz sax player John Coltrane ( whose first wife’s name was Naïma Grubbs. Coltrane wrote the wonderful piece “NAÏMA”, one of the great compositions in the history of jazz, and dedicated it to her (see:

Uwe Wolff spent a lot of time at “The Village Vanguard”, arguably the best known jazz club in Manhattan. He is proud to be friends with bass player Reggie Workman who formerly played with Coltrane.

The reason why Uwe Wolff called his company NAÏMA is very simple: Firstly, he happened to be listening to the beloved piece by Coltrane when he was thinking of names for his company. And secondly, he hates silly made up names like YAHOO, ARCANDOR, OPODO or other linguistic mishaps.