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Who we are


NAIMA Strategic Legal Services was founded in 1999 in New York as NAIMA Media Services & Publishing Consulting. Since 2002 the firm has operated from Berlin in various countries in Europe and North America.

NAIMA Media Services & Publishing Consulting (today NAIMA Strategic Legal Services) was the first consultancy firm in Germany that specialised solely in legal litigation PR.

Today, NAIMA Strategic Legal Services can boast a wide and varied portfolio of national and international companies and institutions successfully represented together with national and international law firms.


NAÏMA Brussels:

In 2009, NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services extended its reach to Brussels, setting up an office there to serve those involved in legal disputes at the European level.

Brussels is of increasing importance for companies and organizations, principally in the fields of competition and merger control, but also in other fields such as environment, energy, product liability, labour legislation and human rights.

NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services believes that our Litigation-PR strategies can help fill Europe’s communications void, at least in the legal sphere.