How we do it

How we work

We are selective:

Before we accept a client, we have a very careful look at the case and the person.

On the one hand we see whether the case is suitable for public communication. On the other hand we also look at the respective client, because in the sensitive and at the same time far-reaching task of preparing information about legal disputes for media, honest and open cooperation is absolutely necessary.

It is equally important that we can identify with the case. We have high standards and neither wish to, nor are obliged to, accept every case – and that with good reason.


We are passionate:

It is, of course, much easier to communicate with the media and other opinion formers if we feel confident about a case. We don’t just use our brains – we act from the heart, for, we are passionate about what we do. Our media partners feel this passion, as do the lawyers.

Precisely for this reason – and thanks to our media savviness – we have an excellent reputation among our media partners.


We are demanding:

We ask a lot of questions. And we do so until we have pinpointed the core of the case. We challenge our clients. We want to read files, search archives, and be informed in “real-time” about current case related events, so that we can react as fast as possible. In doing so, we use creative means to get to the bottom of things. Also, even if some might not agree, we do not see ourselves as service providers for lawyers, but instead as equal partners in a team that cooperates at eye level with lawyers in order to provide the client with the best possible results.


We are international:

No matter where in the world your case is taking place – we will be there for you. We have contacts to the media and to information providers all over the globe.

Our expertise lies in the UK and the USA, as well as Germany and Brussels. Especially in a world of growing globalization and business networking, this can be of essential advantage to your case.


We are always there for you:

Sometime things have to go very fast. A house search, an arrest, a complaint of an offense, or an attack via the media.

Whoever speaks first often determines the course of the story in the media world. The first media representatives often call before the management of a company under fire even has time to get an idea of the extent of the crisis or the allegations.

That is where we come in. Be it day or night.


We are worth your money:

Depending on what agreement we have, we work at a fixed hourly rate or per diem.

Numerous factors play a role in our fee negotiations: The estimated length of involvement, the complexity of the case, the attractiveness of the case, its media suitability, the personality of the client, and the various necessary case related measures that need to be taken by us.

In any case we care about maximum price transparency vis-à-vis our clients.