(DE) The Staged Thunderstorm: Shareholder Activism as an Example of Campaign PR

I’m proud to announce that I will lead a workshop at the International Litigation-PR Conference 2019 in Winterthur (Switzerland). Together with my colleague Martin Jenewein, Senior Partner at SMJ Partners in Vienna.http://www.smj.at About the workshop: The mechanisms of media logic are now not only used cleverly by bloggers and influencers. Investors, (minority) shareholders, capital market […]

Uwe Wolff in Forbes about Dieselgate and Jones Day Raid

In connection with the investigation of Dieselgate, German authorities raided the offices of Jones Day in Munich. Jones Day is the global law firm hired by Volkswagen in 2015 to conduct a internal investigation and provide authorities in Europe and the United States with independent findings. Jones Day and Volkswagen dismissed the raid as a […]

NAÏMA is now member of CLCA

I’m honoured to be part of the Crisis & Litigation Communicators Alliance (CLCA) – Klick here for more information.

What is the meaning of “NAÏMA”?

For over a decade, Uwe Wolff, the founder of NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services, lived in New York City, “The Big Apple”, also known as the most important place for jazz improvisation. He is a huge fan of the legendary jazz sax player John Coltrane (www.johncoltrane.com) whose first wife’s name was Naïma Grubbs. Coltrane wrote the wonderful […]

British businessman vs. German department of public prosecution

A British businessman took over a steel company with the help of a three-digit multi-million loan. However, the lending bank itself suddenly started to develop an interest in buying the steel company and prevented the nearly finalized process of acquisition under a false pretense. Their goal: to gain ownership of the company through the right […]